Shipping & Logistics

The strongest module in our system can handle pretty much any task related to freight shipping:
  • Forecast Management
  • Shipping Schedule Calculation
  • Consolidation Calculation
  • Documentation
  • Booking with 3PL
  • Track & Trace


YooFreight provides tools for Procurement, primarily Purchase Orders and Production Schedule:
  • Samples
  • Management of Purchase Orders
  • Visibility of production schedule from factory

Sales & Marketing

The system assembles and arranges the data from Sales & Marketing to organize logistics better:
  • Sales forecasts
  • Marketing campaigns
  • New product release dates

Inventory Management

Basic Inventory Management capability, allowing you to track products, stock levels, ETA’s, etc.
  • Central WHS
  • Stores/Outlets

Finance & Accounting

It is a very important part of any business; however, it is usually very manual. YooFreight automates most of the tasks:
  • Verify/Audit Invoices
  • Accounts Payable Approval
  • Duty/VAT Approval