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Inbound Supply Chain Software

Templated workflows, live tracking, ETA's

YooFreight is an inbound supply chain software. It is designed for high volume importers such as brands, retail and wholesale businesses. Our software helps companies track inventory levels, order products, manage suppliers, organise and track freight shipments. It is uniquely suitable for businesses that source their products directly from suppliers in overseas markets. Our technology allows you to access your account from any device connected to the internet. As a result, you will have 100% visibility of your entire supply chain 24/7. Also, you can deal with issues before they actually happen.

Who Is It For?

Brands, Wholesale and Retail
companies that deal with the following:

Multiple Orders & Inventory

Companies that manage multiple products in their inventory and deal with new product purchase and re-orders.

Overseas Suppliers

Companies that source their products from overseas suppliers and deal with production issues.

Air, Ocean or Road Freight

Companies that ship by Air, Sea or Road, either with single preferred freight forwarder or multiple ones.

Our Features

Product & Inventory

You will have a very detailed product database, with all product, supplier information, etc. Also, core inventory management features allow to constantly monitor product levels, re-order once necessary.

Supplier & Production Management

Our system provides all necessary tools to manage orders & production, such as Purchase Order management, communication with suppliers, automated follow-ups and notifications.

Shipping & Logistics

YooFreight allows Air & Ocean freight quote management, booking with your preferred freight forwarders, document management, and tracking of your shipments from origin all the way to final destination.

Customer Benefits


Streamline Operations

Cut hours of back-and-forth over an email or a phone. Set automatic follow-ups. Reduce time spent on manual tasks by as much as 50-70%.


Reduce Costs

Consolidate orders for shipping in a more efficient way. Minimise issues with orders and reduce the need for expensive air freight.


Scale Fast

After initial set-up, it is extremely easy to increase number of products and suppliers, and scale production and shipping volumes. We saw volume increase by as much as 3 times.

Our Partners

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