It depends on individual circumstances; however, most of the companies that deal with high volumes of imports can benefit from it. First of all, it automates processes and saves time people need to spend on manual tasks. Also, it reduces the risk of manual errors, omissions, etc. Finally, it provides world-class tools that can help save you costs (better planning, consolidation, reduction in lead times, etc.).

Some aspects of your work can be managed on Excel as well or even better than on SCM system. However, SCM system can provide you benefits that Excel would never be able to. First of all, automation – you can set-up rules for the system to perform some routine tasks (e.g. follow-up with supplier and check manufacturing progress; or, book a container shipment just with a few clicks). Second of all, visibility – you can follow your goods move around the world from any device connected to internet (follow live status update, location, ETA, etc.). Third – advanced planning, analytics, etc. will only be available on comprehensive systems.

Companies that deal with the following issues benefit the most: imports, offshore suppliers, constantly changing inventory levels. Therefore, we typically work with companies from Wholesale and Retail industries, D2C brands (direct-to-consumer).

Yes! We will assist you with the initial set-up, customise the software to meet your specific needs, and we’ll make sure everything works as it is supposed to before we charge you anything.

Yes! Any time you have an issue with the system, you can reach us on the phone, chat, or email.

Yes! We can integrate with all relevant external and internal systems (ERP, accounting, inventory, etc.), as we strongly believe in the seamless end-to-end supply chain.

We are unique in a way that we specifically focus on inbound supply chains for a customer segment that needs it the most.

It depends on how many processes have to be integrated into the system. The software itself is ready to run on day 1; all the integrations may take up to 2 weeks in most cases.

Yes, in principle. We connect to freight forwarders who have their systems through API/EDI. For others, we set up communication and data exchange through email.

Not a problem! We can work with you on customisation to ensure that the system matches your regular workflows. Please reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions.